Green Food Fridge - Chicago

Green Food Fridge - Chicago

Don’t get into your political action outfit or mindset. This “Green Party” is probably not what first comes to mind for most people thinking green, or green party. It’s not political. It’s anecdotal, apolitical, and not particularly correct.

The Green Food Party was my first dinner party.

There are a number of good things about going first.

People just might think you’re brave.

You also have the advantage of getting the deed over and done so that you can move on to other rites of passage.

In my world having a dinner party is a right of passage. I made my first soufflé – with no help or encouragement – when I was in high school. Dinner parties were in my future.

And, if you go first, it’s within the realm of possibility that you’ll start a trend – or at least be credited with such.

A long time ago in a place not too far away – when I was a sophomore in college – I decided to have this party. I lived in my first apartment. It was ugly. Really ugly. It was furnished so I can be forgiven, or at least excused for the décor. My then-partner and I might even be due a bit of congratulation for how well we either camouflaged or accessorized the place.

The one room that I recall with vivid detail, and some fondness, is the kitchen. Not only was it the scene of the crime, it was a bit of a crime all by itself. The appliances were turquoise. I believe the color’s correct full name is Extreme Turquoise. The counters were Vibrant Cough Drop Yellow – with Gold Flecks – and not gold flecks in the good way like sprinkles on ice cream.

Foreshadowing… My dinner was a matter of long-term planning. In college planning a meal on Thursday to be served on Saturday was planning for the distant future. I made pasta -  Spinach Fettuccine – which wasn’t so common back in the day (both the food time-line and the phrase “back in the day” date me and this meal … aah, nostalgia).

I also made a zucchini dish. Appropriately, I can’t remember it in more detail. It was some sort of cheesy dish. I remember that I made it in a ceramic pie dish. The entrée was stuffed bell peppers.

As I was finishing up the food – a little before I expected my friends – I realized that I had made a mistake. At that moment it seemed to be a huge mistake – like culottes, or even worse. 

I realized that every dish I prepared was green. Everything was green. In a turquoise and yellow kitchen even people take on a green hue, and green things look a sort of HD green. Although I have no recollection of what I made for dessert I am certain that it was green – something like baked Granny Smith Apples. My ex didn’t cook at the time – so I was responsible for the whole monochromatic fiasco. I remember him saying “you know, all the food is green.” I was green for a while.

Then I had an idea. We were not having a dinner party. It was a “theme” party, and the theme was “Green.” The theme was more creative than the food – but it worked. It made green fun.

I went first, seemed brave at the time, and completed a rite of passage. It was also fun to have friends, some of whom are no longer alive, over for dinner.

It’s actually pretty easy to be green.